A Dirty Knees is a sweet and fruity cocktail based with Tequila and peach liquor. This cocktail is similar to a tequila sunrise but has a delicate peach flavour. This cocktail is normally served in a collins glass or highball glass.

This Gin and Champagne cocktail is delicious because of its simplicity. If you put the right amount of sugar and the right amount of lemon juice, you have a perfect combination to create the cocktail desired. The Gin match perfectly with champagne. This cocktail is nothing but fresh and flavourful. Don't forget to add the strawberry for a better result!

The bee's knees, is a cocktail based with dark rum. To add more rich flavours to your cocktail, replace the sugar with honey or Agave syrup and add some lemon juice to give it the acids it needs. This is a naturally sweet and lemony cocktail that will smoothen your throat.

This Martini is a strong and sweet cocktail based with apricot liqueur and the gin of your choice. Preferably a fruity gin.  Combine some lemon juice to add more sourness to your drink and get the result desired.

The Whynot Indeed cocktail is a strong drink based with apricot liqueur, gin and dry vermouth. It is a sweet cocktail with a fruity flavour. The gin complements the cocktail for its herbal essences. The lemon final complete the apricot liqueur perfectly. A perfect cocktail for the gin lovers!